Megan Gray is a creative director, brand builder, and award-winning designer.

I came up through the agency ranks and earned my stripes at startups, making me a scrappy creative powerhouse and a fearless, steady design leader.

As a seasoned design practitioner turned director, I am passionate about fostering a creative, collaborative culture of high-performers. I'm great under pressure, deeply dedicated, and solution-oriented.

I'm currently working as the Executive Creative Director at Public Rec, where I lead creative across all channels.

These days, you can find me in Austin, Texas.



Hands-on Direction

I can hold a vision at 10,000 feet while standing with my team in the weeds and getting my hands dirty.

With almost 20 years in design, I can drop in anywhere. I've touched everything from print catalogs to design systems to illustration to on-set art direction. The medium is really secondary, because the mission is always the same. Believe, differentiate, connect, grow.

I now sincerely enjoy sharing my experience both in craft and career by mentoring designers in my free time.


  • ADP List Mentor
  • Out in Tech Mentor
  • Out in Tech Digital Corps


  • Yale School of Management Women's Leadership Suite (in progress)
  • Parsons School of Design Design Leadership in Business
  • University of Iowa
    B.A. English, Communications




  • Art Direction
    Digital + On-Set
  • Brand Strategy
    Established + New-to-World
  • Creative Direction
    Brand + Teams
  • Design
    Multidisciplinary Designer

Passion and Purpose

At the beginning of my career, I committed to only working for products, people, and purposes I believe in. Passion and dedication are great tailwinds for producing excellent work, and they haven't failed me yet.

Whether by agency, brand-side, or early-stage startups, I'm interested in building products, processes, and teams.

I believe in leading with curiosity, empathy, and a wide-open mind.